Resume & Cover Letter Creation

Co-Create a Job-Specific Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile

Do you have a target job or type of job in mind, but need to update your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile to meet current job market practices? If yes, this course is for you. Our system of on-line learning combined with one-on-one coaching provides you with the most affordable and effective method of creating the resume that you need to land your dream job.

You'll use on-line videos and one-on-one coaching to help you discover your strengths and a CareerPQ coach will then craft a resume, LinkedIn Profile and cover letter for you that tells your unique story in a way that is fully relevant to your target employers/industry. And, yes, your resume will be optimized with the key words/phrases needed to clear computer Applicant Tracking System review.

Common Challenges

I don't think that I have the expertise needed to write a competitive resume.

Yes, you're the expert on your own life and career, but how well can you tell others about your knowledge and skills? How comfortable do you feel in promoting yourself (in writing and in person)? Have you found your "best balance" between the needed level of self-promotion and boasting (being overly boastful, ...)? If what you're doing is not working... try something different!

Sure, you can dust off that 10-year old resume or hire a resume writer (or ask your sister-in-law who works in HR to write it for you), but will your resume be:

  • Perfectly written with appropriate language usage and be free of all typos (meeting the highest of professional standards)
  • Formatted and presented in today's current style
  • Optimized to perform well in ATS reviews
  • Written to not only highlight your career path, but translate how your knowledge, skills and abilities are relevant to your target employers
  • Inclusive of outcome statements (that say not just what you've done but the impact of your work)

I think that coaching is "not for me" and maybe I just need a resume.

A resume is just one important tool that you need to land that next job. Partnering with a coach will help build the confidence that you need to effectively tell your unique story (not only on your resume), but also at networking events and in interviews. We'll start by creating a Job Search Strategy to determine what tools (ex: resume, cover letter, LinkedIn Profile, CV, on-line portfolio, use of social media, etc.) and actions (networking, volunteerism, community leadership, training/certifications, public presentations, etc.) are needed to achieve your goals. You'll partner with your coach through implementation of your Strategy for continued support, insight and accountability.

Today's job market seems too chaotic! I'm not even sure where to start.

Your instincts are correct. Today's job market is vastly different than it was even five years ago, and it continues to change rapidly. Many professionals hoped that easy access to on-line job boards (like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and IdeaList) would simplify the job search process. Others dreamed that posting on-line profiles would open up a flood gate of calls from recruiters. Instead, today's job market is more fragmented and the hiring process moves more slowly than ever. Our coaching and services will help you navigate the constantly changing environment and help you achieve your goals.

Course Curriculum

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