Community. It took a difficult year like 2020 to remind me how important community is to personal and professional success.

Learning, sharing, mentoring, supporting, laughing (and, maybe sometimes crying) with others. That’s community.

Yes, 2020 hit my coaching business hard. I lost most of my corporate clients when they slashed budgets and laid-off staff (sometime soon we’ll talk about the mistake of cutting back on professional development when people need it most!).Many of my individual clients cut back on coaching hours as the realities of the recession’s belt-tightening became more and more real. I sat by and watched as competitors put their programs on-line for the first time (better late to the game than never, I suppose!) and slashed their prices. Should I cut my hourly rate? Do people even want career coaching in this economy? Maybe it’s time to shut down the business and get a job?

Then I had the ‘lightbulb moment.’ Of course, people need coaching more than ever. In fact, what I heard over and over again each day from potential clients was that they needed coaching and other forms of support more than ever. My clients wanted support, but needed it to be flexible, engaging, authentic and affordable. I kept digging and realized what they wanted was community. A group of professional peers and experts and coaches to call-on, as needed, to power-through these challenging times. The answer wasn’t “keep doing the same, but lower fees” (BTW: that’s never a good answer!) it was “Innovate: do more but in different ways, with the help of others, with fees that more people can afford.”

I spent the next few weeks researching technology platforms, analyzing the market and gathering a group of like-minded coaches and experts to help me build the on-line community that my clients need for this time.

Last week, we launched a re-vamped and CPQ:HQ, our private on-line community forum (and my my corporate leadership coaching will continue through How does CareerPQ work? Our services are now bundled into three distinct programs (all of which allow you access to CPQ:HQ):

  • Career Changer for the professional who’s ready to make that big career pivot
  • Job Seeker for the professional who’s navigating today’s chaotic job market
  • Career Developer for the professional who wants to grow their career

I hope you’ll join our community! I’m incredibly excited about the potential our new on-line community and coaching programs have to help professionals like never before.