Remember that You’ve Earned Unemployment Benefits

My head might just explode the next time that a fellow Boomer complains about how Millenials are ‘lazy’ or ‘not hard workers.’ Four of my clients this week (all just-laid-off-young professionals) expressed shame and hesitation about applying for unemployment insurance benefits. All shared how frustrated they are with not being able to work and grow their careers. I felt their pain but also felt anger toward the multiple political leaders who are messaging the importance of work over health and safety. The American Work Ethic is alive and well-- I see it every day, but during a recession, even hard workers struggle to find work.

Jobs are scarce right now, so if you’ve been laid-off, please reach out to your state’s Unemployment Insurance office to apply for benefits. You’ve paid for this insurance, so use it. The AFLCIO’s website has excellent state-by-state benefit info at:

I’ve had friends celebrate the arrival of their first Social Security Insurance check as an All-American right of passage. I say: let’s celebrate the arrival of your first Unemployment check and lift each other up during these most challenging times.