I gain so much inspiration from my clients each and every day. With their permission, I’m passing along some of their best practices for coping (even thriving) during these challenging times.

Adjusting expectations is not lowering them. How productive can we be during a pandemic? By week two of social isolation, I realized that it was taking me 1.5 to 2-times as long to accomplish the most mundane chores. I also realized that my attention span was shorter, my temper was raw and I was getting frustrated with my slowed progress. After a client shared a similar story, she sadly concluded: “I guess I just need to lower my expectations.” I replied (to her and myself!): “No, let’s reframe that. Let’s adjust expectations to meet today’s reality.”

Are you feeling frustrated with your productivity (or your team’s productivity)? Consider if now’s the time to adjust expectations, while still holding high standards.